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Sat Oct 27 17:24:06 CDT 2001

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> Hi !
> (sorry for my english but I hope you understand what i mean :) )  Does
I think mine is so poor as your ;-)

> CD-Record programms works with wine ? Can i use CloneCD and WinOnCD with
> it ?  I have a windows PC only to burn CD's here and i want to do it
> with linux For "normal" things i can use cdrecord but i cant copy all
> cd's with it, sometimes i need clonecd
> and WinOnCD is better for CD-Text than the GUI's of cdrdao

I don't use WinOnCD or CloneCD, but Nero runs well ...
I use it to copy Audio CDs that don't work at this time with XCDRoast ...

But, if you need to copy data CD, you can use XCDRoast without any
problems ... don't need any WinApps :-)

Hope it helps,

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