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: :I'm not very actively working on it, but I do have some unsubmitted
: :restructure work in my tree. What do you plan to work on?

: Thank you (and Eric) for responding.

: I have various Win95, Win3.1, and DOS programs which I wish to run under
: Linux. The DOS programs are mostly games which are currently run in a DOS
: virtual machine under OS/2. To date, I have discovered three issues which
: need to be resolved.

: 1. The DOS 7.0 makes a number of int 21 and int 2f calls which
: are not currently supported in WINE.

: 2. One of the games requires 320x200x4 graphic resolution.

: 3. Another game requires expanded storage.

There is some understanding that wine's target for dos-emulation  is not
games. I don't share that opinion, for the obvious advantages of wine, like
better command line integration and no need for a dos license, but as I
don't feel like I can contribute to that area my opinion doesn't weight

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