Configure error on RH 7.2 freetype headers

Neil Golstein neilevid at
Sun Oct 28 09:04:17 CST 2001

Well apparently I had two freetype rpm's installed, so after I
uninstalled them and installed the one from RH 7.2, then did a make
distclean etc., it worked right after all.

In article <3bdb1025$0$33394$45beb828 at>, "Neil Golstein"
<neilevid at> wrote:

> Configure wrote out include/config.h as if my freetype headers had
> ftnames.h instead of ftsnames.h, as a result it didn't compile.  As a
> workaround I manually edited config.h to get it to compile.  This was an
> update to RH 7.2 over 7.1, latest CVS.

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