Maier Gerfried moali at
Mon Oct 29 10:25:25 CST 2001

> It's not possible to say. The problem (if any) occurs
> before the first line you quoted (the PROCESS_DETACH
> is part of normal Wine shutdown)

Thanks for your hint!

> doc (bugs.sgml) states clearly to do a -debugmsg +relay trace
> for reporting problems.

I just re-run wine with this option and logged the output into a file.
Obviously I do not have any server available where to put this file, but I
could bzip it and mail to you.

The software I am using:
Base-system: Suse-Linux 6.3
gcc 2.95.3 (I now compiled wine20010824 myself because I thought that it
could be a bug introduced in some new CVS-version)
Windows 98 (first release)
The  Win-Program I tried to launch: write.exe (supplied with MS-Win 98)
command line: wine --debugmsg +relay /mnt/win/windows/write.exe >&

Maier Gerfried

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