I can't see anything when entering battle.net in StarCraft

Max V. Privalov max at kita.dgtu.donetsk.ua
Tue Oct 30 03:08:40 CST 2001

	Hi, All!

Maybe anybody deals with problem similar to the subject? I've used
versions of Wine from 20001202 till 20011004. System: RedHat 7.1 +
XFree-4.1.0 Under newer versions of wine I can play StarCraft (BroodWar
1.08b) in windowed mode (without DGA support - with DGA I've got an
frozen screen and must to kill X server). Older versions supports
full-screen accelerated mode with DGA and X server running at 640x480.
All works (single player, IPX multiplayer), but battle.net. When entering
battle.net I can see only banner on black screen. I can 'manually', using
shortcuts enter battle.net server, join the game - other players can see
me. But screen is always black, even when game is started. Maybe anybody
know something about this problen and ways to fix it. Please, help.

PS: Did anybody solve the problem with wine hangup in BroodWar with DGA2
support in XFree4? I will be gratefull for any information.

Good luck!

Max V. Privalov	 		
e-mail: max at kita.dgtu.donetsk.ua
	max at nv.com.ua
ICQ #	20328687 

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