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Tue Oct 30 11:50:44 CST 2001

On Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:10:11 +0100, "daniel huhardeaux"
<daniel.huhardeaux at> wrote:

>Y're right. Printer of line give me job in queue! Switching printer on, job
>disappear but still nothing printed :(

Well, now it's easier to understand what happens
goto the spool directory when you have the job
still in the queue (on my distro it is /var/spool/cups)
You will find the spool file in it : it will probably be
the biggest file. 
Open it with any editor. 
2 cases :
- it does not begin with %!PS-Adobe : it is not a
Postscript file. In this case I am stumped, please report :-)
- it is a Postscript file : in this case, 2 possibilities :
  1) it is a valid Postscript file : in this case, your
system is the culprit. A buggy Ghostscript driver could
be likely.
  2) it is *not* a valid Postscript file : Wine Postscript
  generation code is buggy.
You should test the Postscript code by sending it directly to a
Postscript printer. It is not clear from what you said if you have
a true Postscript printer or a Ghostscript based system.

If you can say with some reason that the Postscript code generated
by Wine is buggy, please report here or on wine-devel.
Possibly the main author of this code - who is AFAIK still active
on Wine - could be interested in taking a look at the Postscript


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