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Tue Oct 30 11:52:25 CST 2001

>  1) it is a valid Postscript file : in this case, your
>system is the culprit. A buggy Ghostscript driver could
>be likely.
Is ok: start with %!PS-Adobe 3-0

>  2) it is *not* a valid Postscript file : Wine Postscript
 > generation code is buggy.
>... It is not clear from what you said if you have
> a true Postscript printer or a Ghostscript based system.
Working with HP DeskJet 670C

>If you can say with some reason that the Postscript code generated
>by Wine is buggy, please report here or on wine-devel.
I post it than:
1) test page from CUPS is working fine
2) test page from PRINTCONF is working fine
and both of them are in Postscript !

I test it like this:

Switch off printer, then print from wine, then from CUPS and then from
Switch on printer, first job disappears, second and third well printed. You
will find my wine postscript file as attached file.It's a copy from the
original one.

Gerard, I thank you very much for your help.

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