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Wed Oct 31 01:06:21 CST 2001

elwis at wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I recently tried out Wine, and decided to write an article about it. Well, that means I need to get some interesting windows apps working, so far it's only Notepad and Solitaire (won't make anyone cheer). The problem is, when I try to start any installer.exe file, I get some rows of nonsense ("fixme pthread...blabla") and then it exits with the message that it couldn't find any debugger? I tried the winedbg +relay option, but everything ends like this. My Wine is downloaded from, think it was
 an October version. It would be real nice to get some apps working, like some game and maybe office -97 (I understand that some of you managed to do that. Did it take a lot of "tend to"??)
Hmm, IMHO getting a random RPM from is the best way to screw
everything up.
If you *really* want to test Wine, then either
- get the Debian package, which is working nicely
- get, which is very similar to Debian package,
  but even better at the moment (KDE/Gnome integration, which Debian doesn't
  have yet)
- do it all on your own, i.e. get latest Wine CVS source, compile it according
  to docu, and config it all on your own in order to be sure about what has
  actually been done to your wine installation...
  (slightly difficult though, will need reading of as much documentation
  as you can find in source and at WineHQ)

Everything else is just pure luck IMHO (or pure bad luck, of course).

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