is there a wine "rpm" or similar pls?

kieran aksjd at
Sun Sep 2 17:13:10 CDT 2001

I am v v newbie, want to get to grips with linux but mostly interested in
using the PC;  so the idea of wine appeals a lot.    from what I see you
generally have to build or compile or something it.   Is there a rpm
package, if I am using the term correctly, like a windows self-installing
thing, i.e. one single file I can download, click on, it goes thru a
(preferably non-interactive, I am happy to let it look at my system and
decide for itself whats best) and I wind up with a functioning copy of wine?
And if there isn't and one purpose of wine it to entice people away from
windows, then shouldn't there be such a thing?



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