Giorgio Busatto giorgio at
Mon Sep 3 08:20:53 CDT 2001

Duane Clark wrote:

> Giorgio Busatto wrote:
> > Hallo,
> > I am completely new to wine, and I am very interested in it. I wanted to
> > ask if
> > there are already forecasts as to when wine will be released and
> > actually
> > usable instead of Windows. Are there at least rough estimates?
> Actually usable? I've been using wine for several applications in my
> business on an almost daily basis for a year and a half. So "usable"
> really depends on which applications you are using. Many work perfectly,
> but it is really a matter of testing with the applications you are
> interested in. Or check the database:
> And of course, if an application you are interested mostly works, try
> making the effort to fix it, and then submit patches!
> --
> My real email is at dclark (or something like that).

Ok, I expressed myself incorrectly. I tried it and I was very well impressed.

I was enthusiastic when StarCraft just started with no complaints! (A bit
though, on a Pentium II 333 MHz)

My dream would be that we can run windows applications without the need
to use Windows altogether, i.e. replace windows. As far as I understand, I
still need to have
a running windows installation to run wine. Or is it possible to just have a
formatted partition where I install windows applications from wine, without

I am really keen on this idea! I will have to read the fine manuals.


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