Wiso Sparbuch terminates with: X Error of failed request ..

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at camline.com
Mon Sep 3 16:32:16 CDT 2001

Andreas Mohr Usenet 08/01 wrote:
> > Is there a patch to fix this problem or is someone interested to give me
> > some advise for debugging?. There is a trace attached with the last 180
> > lines before the error occures. The trace is done with the setting =
> > [AppDefaults\\wiso2001.exe\\x11drv]
> > "Managed" =3D "Y"
> > "Desktop" =3D "N"
> > "Synchronous" =3D "Y"
> Good.
Yes, i have been reading cemw for some years ;-)

> Ah.
> Problem in graphics/x11drv/dib.c.
> Add lotsa TRACEs there in order to find out where/how exactly XGetImage()
> gets called in there (it's slightly non-obvious), and then in order to
> find out which parameter of XGetImage() exactly is busted.
> I don't have much experience in correcting BadMatch errors, though.

When adding the TRACEs i found the failing function is XGetSubImage in the "case 8". I will try to
find some references for the function tomorrow, or knows somebody from the trace what the problem

Tschüß Stefan
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0823cf10:Call gdi32.SetDIBitsToDevice(00000880,00000001,00000015,00000220,00000002,00000001,00000309,00000000,00000320,40487418,40486ff0,00000000) ret=6256057d
0823cf10:Call x11drv.SetDIBitsToDevice(403e2c78,00000001,00000015,00000220,00000002,00000001,00000309,00000000,00000320,40487418,40486ff0,00000000) ret=407ab979
trace:bitmap:X11DRV_SetDIBitsToDevice descr-> dc(0x403e2c78) bits(0x40487418) lines(800) inforWidth(1024) depth(16) drawable(104857620) gc(0x0808d780) x(1) y(21) x(1) y(21) width(544) height(2) dibpitch(1024)
trace:bitmap:X11DRV_DIB_SetImageBits case 8:
trace:bitmap:X11DRV_DIB_SetImageBits XGetSubImage: 0x08056f58 0x06400014 1 21 544 2 -1 2 0x08090a60 1 21
X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Major opcode of failed request:  73 (X_GetImage)
  Serial number of failed request:  4579
  Current serial number in output stream:  4579

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