wine 20010824 and missing command line options

Andreas Mohr Usenet 08/01 vooe7o001 at
Tue Sep 4 03:51:03 CDT 2001

Michael Scheinost <Michael.Scheinost at> wrote:
> Hi all,

> I recently compiled and installed a new version of wine (20010824). Everything works fine, but alot of command line options are missing.
> The options I get with wine --help are: --debugmsg name, --dll name, --dosver x.xx, --help,-h, --managed, --version,-v, --winver.
> I miss commandline options like: --desktop and --display. Are they no longer supported?
Nope, they aren't.
(not possible any more - Wine is so complex that a lot of things
have to be done in a very restricted way)

You could submit a patch for our standard launcher script to take these
arguments and patch the appropriate ~/.wine/config options on the fly, though
(by using awk or sed or whatever string replacement tool on the config file).
(that's what needs to be done in order to continue cmdline support for these
As you're asking this question, you seem to be fairly interested in that,
so this means that I just found another Wine contributor ;-)))
Oh, and don't forget a help screen in this launcher script in case somebody
enters incorrect options...

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
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