Installing Direct X 8.0 under Wine

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Tue Sep 4 12:42:37 CDT 2001

Marcus Meissner <marcus at> wrote:
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> Christian  <bigdarkone at> wrote:
>>Hi NG
>>I desperately try to install Direct X 8 under my wine.
>>I know from Websites that it was possible to install Directx 7.X
>>So i thougth there should be a way to get 8 to work too, the NG search 
>>brougth nothing about this topic.
>>Im running a Suse 7.2 System with all Updates available including 
>>newest Wine.
>>But if i try to start it the installer always tells me that its not pos. to 
>>install Directx 8.0 under my OS ;-).
>>Is it possible or has someone allready managed it ?

> You do not need to install DirectX. DirectX is already included in WINE.

> An installer telling you you need it is broken. 

> Try to workaround that messagebox ;)

Excuse me, but why exactly should you never install DX8 ??
Ever heard of files like d3drm.dll ?
Or of countless registry keys that might still be missing in Wine ?

Stating that a DX install in Wine is useless is pretty damn pointless

To Gerard:
Stating that a DX install will never work on Wine is quite wrong, too...

Sorry, but I'm a bit fed up about the constant whining that "installing
DX will hurt Wine" or similar stuff.

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