Everything you do on your computer is being logged!

jamesxy at hotmail.com jamesxy at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 5 03:13:40 CDT 2001

Every move you make on your computer is being logged. From the Internet sites you visit, to the documents you open... you are being tracked. Even if you attempt to delete these tracks, Windows retains secret log files. Deleting Internet Caches and searching for history files would take hours of work manually. Clean Drive deletes all these items from your computer... automatically, as often as you like! 

Cleandrive the most effective, user friendly, cost efficient way to wipe your harddrive clean of all logs that your computer records while you surf the web. 

No more worring about what people will see on your computer.  

Goto this url to download http://www.cleandrive.net?rev=rfzxy

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