wine config file.

gerard patel g.patel at
Wed Sep 5 14:04:49 CDT 2001

On Wed, 05 Sep 2001 17:54:03 +0100, Bernard Victor
<bvictor at> wrote:

>Most instructions for installing Wine suggest that you modify the
>wine.cfg  file that comes with the distro, but with Mandrake 7.1 this
>appears to be a blank file. I have written a very simple config file,
>but though it seems to work, I feel that it is probably not extensive
>enough to run Wine at its best. Is there anywhere I can download a
>typical file that I can modify to suit my system.

How about ? You will find there links
to download the full source. In documentation/samples,
you will find a file named 'config' : that's what you want
to use (wine.cfg instructions come from not very up-to-date

>There used to be a simple graphic program that scanned your system and
>wrote a good config system but I cannot find it. Can anyone tell me if
>it is still available somewhere.

graphic program ? That must be at


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