Problems setting up printing/registry

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Thu Sep 6 13:10:12 CDT 2001

TAKESHIMA Hidenori wrote:
> Apply this patch to winspool and try again.
> At least I can generate a PostScript file.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                     Name: winspool.diff
>    winspool.diff    Type: unspecified type (application/octet-stream)
>                 Encoding: quoted-printable
Thanks very much for the help.

Are you going to be sending that patch in or is it a workaround which
becomes redundant if I add the appropriate hex data to the registry?

(The documentation/samples/psdrv.reg and the HOWTO/manuals seem to
suggest that the Default DevMode can be left blank.)

What is that "use the default hard-coded DevMode(wineps/A4/300dpi)"
about?  I presume it means

"Use a suitable registry editor to add the entry, taking the data from
the default hard-coded values specified in the
WINSPOOL_GetDefaultDevMode function.  That data corresponds to the
builtin wineps driver with A4 paper, capable of 300 dpi"

I currently have proven my ability to print from Notepad (although for
some reason I must go into the Page Setup dialog before selecting the
Print, otherwise it fails).

Bill Medland

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