Problems setting up printing/registry

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Thu Sep 6 13:15:36 CDT 2001

gerard patel wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Sep 2001 20:12:58 GMT, "Bill Medland" <medbi01 at>
> wrote:
> >I am trying to set up Wine to be able to print.
> >
> >I am able to print from Linux
> >
> >I am able to print ps from Linux
> >
> >I am following a combination of the westfalen HOWTO and the Wine
> >documentation (assuming that the documentation is more up to date)
> >
> >I am testing by trying to print from notepad.
> >
> >I have got as far (after too many hours!!) as the following when I select
> >the Print option
> >
> >err:winspool:WINSPOOL_GetDevModeFromReg corrupted registry for L"Default
> >DevMode" ( Size 0)
> >(twice)
> >and an unhandled exception
> >
> >According to Gerard I ought to try removing the DevMode lines from the
> >registry
> >
> >I have and it hasn't helped.
> Are you trying to use 'native' windows printer driver ?
> This was broken a long time ago and - AFAIK -
> nobody has reported any success for a long time.
> I have some vague idea to have a new try at it some
> day but I have so many strange problems currently :-/
> OTOH the builtin printing works fine for me on my
> Mandrake 8 - this distro use CUPS for printing and
> it works out of the box as Marcus Meissner said it
> would :-)
> Gerard
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Thanks for the reply (especially since I know you are busy).

No it wasn't the native drivers (I couldn't be bothered even trying to
find them!!).  It was the builtin wineps.

FWIW the code currently insists on the block of devmode data being in
the registry; I put some in that came from who-knows-where and after
lots of playing about with the win.ini and registry I managed to get
some printout.  (For anyone else coming up against this make sure that
you don't have quotes around the stuff in the win.ini file)

Carry on with the good work

Bill Medland

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