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Bill Medland medbi01 at
Fri Sep 7 11:33:08 CDT 2001

Uwe Bonnes wrote:
> Bill Medland <medbi01 at> wrote:
> : Has anyone had any success with Crystal Reports under Wine?
> : The problem I am currently having is with the print engine itself and is
> : probably nothing to do with printing;
> : Page fault on trying to access 0x00000000 in
> : CRPE32.DLL.Prompt3DViewAngle (which I presume is bought in by Crystal
> : from 3dgraphics)
> : The dll is either version or
> A backtrace or relay log coming to that access would help
> Bye
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Here I expose my ignorance; please bear with me.
1. The backtrace is probably useless; it consists of one entry
=>0 0x103b1263 (CRPE32.DLL.PromptNewDialog+0x20cf3 in
C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CRPE32.DLL) (ebp=00000000)
2. The relay log is about 9 MB and it is unclear to me at what point in
the log the error actually occurred; several MB of the log occurs after
the debugger is popped up and I select quit.

3. Please excuse my ignorance; I have been spoiled by Microsoft
user-friendliness for too many years.  How do I get the information out
of the debugger console and into a file or email message?  (e.g. how do
I copy from an xterm; without spending a further 4 hours searching man

4. How do I ensure that I get a log that only goes up to the point at
which the debugger kicks in, but does include everything up to that
point?  (It's no use piping to a file and asking how long the file is at
that time since the last few bits haven't been flushed yet and they are
the important ones)

Bill Medland

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