problem with shdocvw.dll

a no1s1p1am at
Fri Sep 7 05:36:48 CDT 2001

> a <no1s1p1am at> wrote:
> : I've just upgraded to wine-20010905 (from wine-200103??) and the new
> : versions gives me an error message when I start a dictionary program:
> : Error message:
> : Acces violation at address 780B751F in module 'shdocvw.dll'. Write of
> : address 00000098.
> You need to give more hints. Does wine have access to native dlls? if yes,
> what  dlls are accessed? Does the version of those dlls match? Who reports
> the error? Wine or the application? What application? ...
The "shdocvw.dll" wine is using, is from a installed Win98.  It also uses 
other native dlls.  (I've even tried to use builtin "shdocvw.dll", but it 
didn't work either).
The app is called "iFinger" (a dictionary).  When it starts it enters in a 
kind of sleep modus and ataches itself as an icon to the right corner of 
the taskbar.
(So it does in Windows and with wine 200103??, with wine-20010905 appears a 
kind of systray at an other part of the desktop, but the following behavior 
is the same)  
Pressing the right mouse button on the icon a menu appears where the 
function "Search" is included.  When "Search" is chosen, a window with an 
input field (for entering words to look for translations) pops up.  

This is the moment when the above error message appears.  It looks like a 
typical windows error message (a windows notification box) that has to be 
quit by pressing OK.  This error message appears in a separate window.  The 
expected input field appears too, but every attempt to use the diccionary 
results in a (windows like) error message.  It says: OLE error 800700AA.
This comes again in a small windows like notification box.

Meanwhile I've noticed that I had no LANG environment variable set.  But 
when setting it to a value (e.g. de_DE, en_US, en_GB, etc.) it behaves 
similar.  The difference is, that only the "shdocvw.dll" error message 
appears.  The expected application input line does not appear.

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