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Bill Medland medbi01 at
Fri Sep 7 15:44:09 CDT 2001

Many many thanks Gerard.  That helps tremendously.  I now see where the
problem is.

gerard patel wrote:
> On Fri, 07 Sep 2001 09:33:08 -0700, Bill Medland <medbi01 at>
> wrote:
> >Here I expose my ignorance; please bear with me.
> >1. The backtrace is probably useless; it consists of one entry
> >=>0 0x103b1263 (CRPE32.DLL.PromptNewDialog+0x20cf3 in
> >C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CRPE32.DLL) (ebp=00000000)
> I wonder how you get a backtrace anyway since the
> app is catching the exception ?
I guess it isn't really a backtrace!!
> >2. The relay log is about 9 MB and it is unclear to me at what point in
> >the log the error actually occurred; several MB of the log occurs after
> >the debugger is popped up and I select quit.
> Run with -debugmsg +relay,+seh
> seh means structured exception handling.
> Since your app is handling exceptions, the first
> occurence of a seh trace is not necessarily
> meaning a problem.
> What I do is search the trace for the error message
> displayed on screen. Usually it is drawn out of a
> resource, then displayed with either a MessageBox
> (that's easy to spot) or a modal dialog box (easy too)
> or a custom modal window (in this case what you are
> searching for is a DrawText or something like that with
> the error message)
Which is what I do if the thing actually pops up a message
> Then I search backwards for 'seh' traces. There are
> usually several caused by the problem.
> Then when I have pinpointed the point where the
> problem occured, I usually find that no obvious
> cause reveals itself ;-(, but YMMV.
> >3. Please excuse my ignorance; I have been spoiled by Microsoft
> >user-friendliness for too many years.  How do I get the information out
> >of the debugger console and into a file or email message?  (e.g. how do
> >I copy from an xterm; without spending a further 4 hours searching man
> >pages).
> Eh you are asking for the big secret :-)
> I think you are worthy to get an answer (using google or reading
> all posts in wine-devel would have also earned you the same
> answer, of course ;-)).
I must find a tutorial on how to search google when the critical terms
yield 5 million answers
> There are 2 ways to do that :
> 1) configure Wine to display the debug traces in a normal
> console. This is what I do.
> Set in your user.reg something along the lines of :
> [Software\\Wine\\WineDbg] 999784972
> "UseXTerm"=dword:00000000
> 0 means false, BTW.
> Then you select the text in the standard way (hold the
> left button of the mouse)
> 2) Letting the default Wine xterm enabled (ugh)
> In this case hold the Shift key when selecting text.
> In cases 1 and 2, pasting the text in an editor is usually done
> with the middle button of the mouse (if your mouse is middle-button
> impaired, usually you can paste by clicking both buttons of the
> mouse at the same time). Some Windows-like editors have an Edit
> menu  too :-)
> >4. How do I ensure that I get a log that only goes up to the point at
> >which the debugger kicks in, but does include everything up to that
> >point?  (It's no use piping to a file and asking how long the file is at
> >that time since the last few bits haven't been flushed yet and they are
> >the important ones)
> I don't know. I get all the trace including Wine debugger, I
> ust search the trace for the word 'debugger' to find when
> winedbg starts and ignore anything that follows.
> To be completely candid, I own a copy of Crystal Reports
> 6.0 :-). However, I have never thought to even try it under
> Wine (IMHO Crystal Reports is a terrible product compared
> to the competition under Windows and I am not keen to
> ever start it again). But if you really need it desperately,
> I can give it a try.
> Gerard

Now when I get set up for DocBook I can see about adding that to the end
of the Wine user's Guide bit on submitting patches etc.

(I think that the problem is related to fixme:StgStreamImpl_Clone) which
I can now see occurred quite immediately before the debugger was
Bill Medland

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