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Wondering what what wines to drink with those firey flavors that are all the
rage now days? Particularly with South of the Border hot dishes, but also with
pungent oriental dishes. Most people want a little relief between bites.
Happily, there are plenty of wines that can handle the blaze!
Blush wines with their cool, light,refreshing fruit flavors and appealing hint
of sweetness are a soothing balm for the fieriest dishes. A slight touch of
sweetness takes the edge off the heat of spicy foods, but if the wine is to
sweet it interferes with the other flavors. Below are a few wines that have
been found to work quite well:
DeLoach White zinfandel
Louis M. Martini White Zinfandel
Robert Mondavi Woodbridge White Zinfandel
Preston Chenin Blanc
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