Half-Life under RH

patRIOTik patriotik3 at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 9 11:46:52 CDT 2001

Hi, i am runing RH 7.1 , out of the box install.
the problem i am having is to do with Half-Life.
whenever i try to run half life with

# wine ./hl.exe

i get a black window with part of the "console" button appearing and part of
the word "Half-life" appearing in a little box.
i am not shure how to take a screen shot of it to describe it better.
Meanwhile, a terminal windows pops up with  a blank screen and a winedg
my specs are

30GB Maxtor HD
amd k6-2 500
256 MB pc133
VIA-MVP3 chipset
ATI rage 128 video card (AGP, 16 MB)
RedHat 7.1
wine 20010824
thanks alot in adavnce

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