Ultima Online

Bruce Feist bfeist at flock.org
Mon Sep 10 11:50:30 CDT 2001

I'm interested in trying to play Ultima Online in WINE.  However, the
compatability info I've read says that although UO itself works,
UOAssist does not, and neither does the automatic patching procedure.
  Is this information out of date (I hope)?  Are there any workarounds?
  Also, does anyone have information on using the 3D client?  How about
other UO utilities?

I don't mean to criticize WINE; what it does is impressive -- but in the
case of UO, if autopatching in particular isn't possible under it, then
I don't see any point in running the game under WINE... I'd have to use
Windows for the autopatch anyway *scratches head*.


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