Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at
Sun Sep 9 04:31:23 CDT 2001

Lee Sau Dan wrote:
> >>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Leichter <Stefan.Leichter at> writes:
>     >>  Some people want to run Netscape in wine, because there exist
>     >> more plugins for the windows version.  I want to do it because
>     >> I have problems with my homebanking in the Linux version.
>     Stefan> If the problem is installing some jar:s - run netscape as
>     Stefan> root for the installation
> How do I run something as root under Windows/WINE?
> You mean... running WINE as root?  Why?
No, i was talking about Netscape for Linux. First time when i run the online banking in netscape a
jar became downloaded from the server. After i allowed installing the jar as normal user an install
error occured.

The reason is that the jar is installed in the directory /opt/netscape/java/download. This directory
is not writable for a normal user.

When i run the installation as root the problem does not exist. After the jar  is installed i can
manage my bank accounts as normal user.

Tschüß Stefan

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