Wine and cyrillic input and output ?

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Sep 10 21:40:45 CDT 2001

"Da'Neil" <yod at> wrote:

> > Start wine with russian keyboard layout activated, then do:
> >
> > wine --debugmsg +key,+keyboard notepad.exe &>input.log
> >
> > and press a couple of keys. I hope that output will not be too long.
> > Post it here with description what did you do.
> My actions:
> - started wine with russian layout active (I use xkb);
> - pressed 'фыв' --> result: 'asd';
> - switched layout to english;
> - pressed 'asd';
> - that's all.

Yes, there is the same problem as in the message of Nikita V. Youshchenko.
Could you please send me by e-mail (specified in the reply to Nikita)
maximally detailed description of your current X keyboard setup?


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