Symbol Fonts under Wine

hartke at hartke at
Wed Sep 12 08:47:31 CDT 2001

Hello!  I have a specialized math typesetting program that I would like to
run under Wine.  The program itself runs fine; however, it needs special
True Type symbols fonts for the mathematical symbols.  I have installed
these fonts, and they show up fine in standard X programs such as xfontsel
and xfd.  However, under Wine, sometimes the right symbol is shown, but
more often the wrong symbol from the same font is shown, or just a blank
box is shown. The condition occurs in all of the Windows programs I have
tested, most noticeably in the Windows Character Map, and with all of my 
True Type symbol fonts (including the standard Windows Symbol font).  It 
seems to me that the problem could be related to codepage mappings or some 
similar mapping, and thus might be easily fixed by someone with more 
knowledge.  On my system I am using RedHat Linux 7.1 with XFree86 4.0.3 and 
codeweavers wine 2001-06-29.
Any information about this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

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