Alternate file name hash for winver win31?

Dick Repasky rrepasky at
Wed Sep 12 22:09:19 CDT 2001

Filenames that don't conform to the 8.3 file name scheme of dos 
file systems are hashed by wine as expected on vfat file systems, 
using the function DOSFS_Hash.  Yet, the rules for windows
3.1 were somewhat different.  File name requests that didn't
conform to the 8.3 scheme were simply truncated to fit.
Evidence of this exists in the execution of S-Plus for
windows 3.1.  The program requests a file called "___nonfile" 
and the operating system truncates the request to "___nonfi" 
and stores it with that name.  

Is there any possibility of implementing Windows 3.1
behavior in wine?  


Dick Repasky


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