Ultima Online

Bruce Feist bfeist at flock.org
Thu Sep 13 12:57:44 CDT 2001

Robert Laverick wrote:

>If UO is anything like Diablo II (I mean in the way it works not in the 
>things it does, let's not start an argument over which is better or anything 
>silly like that :-D ) 
It probably isn't, actually -- there's no single-player mode for UO. 
 You need to be paying them a monthly fee to access their servers to 
actually play, so there isn't a whole lot of money for Origin to make by 
being paranoid about legitimacy of copies; you don't need to insert the 
CD to play.  It probably does some checking to see if the version itself 
is legitimate, to prevent people from hacking into their servers with 
programs that pretend to be legit UO clients, but I don't know.


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