GDI-Printer under WINE ?

David Jones gnome at
Fri Sep 14 05:42:10 CDT 2001

You might check around ... we have an HP820cse here, also 
a Windows GDI printer, and CorelLinux v1.2 has a driver 
for it. CorelLinux is based on Debian, maybe its 
driver would work with other versions of Linux.

gnome at

On 13 Sep 01 at 20:19, gerard patel wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 12:28:47 +0200, Jochen Amrehn
> <jo_amrehn at> wrote:
> >Is there any possibility to run the GDI-drivers under WINE?
> No.
> Maybe vmware will do (check their web site)

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