solaris8 INTEL and WINE

Robert Lunnon bob at
Fri Sep 14 07:03:01 CDT 2001

Well, I have it running on Solaris 7, but it took me about a week and
several patches were required.
These were sent into to wine-patches so hopefully these made it into
CVS, and you won't suffer the same problems as I

Note that configure doesn't work to well with Solaris. Also the default
setup uses ttydrv rather than x11drv which you need to set up in the

At the moment WinSock doesn't work fully although the unix compatible
calls work. Many Windows apps though use a different interface which is
broken (The wine code is too linux-centric). I am working on this.

Warren Daly wrote:

> anyone installed WINE on SOALRIS 8 for INTEL?

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