Wine and Windows 2000

B. Joshua Rosen bjrosen at
Fri Sep 14 07:08:30 CDT 2001

If the apps that you want to run are things like Office you are better
off using Win4Lin or vmware. I use wine for applications that require
large amounts of memory (Win4Lin is limited to 64M) and consist of single
executables, i.e. they are not large collections of DLLs. For me that
means Xilinx place and route tools which started life as Unix apps and
are ported to Windoze. For true Windows apps like Word or Acrobat
Distiller I use WIn4Lin I find that Win4Lin is the best solution.

In <3ba1ca50$0$1526$4c5ecdc7 at>, Charles Vinson wrote:

> Would you be willing to email me (or post) a copy of your config file? I
> too use WIN98, but only a few programs actually work.  IE5.5 opens, but
> does little else.  OE5.5 will not open at all.  Office 2000 programs all
> open, but cannot open or save files.  I am sure my problems have
> something to do with my config file, but I cannot figure it out.  I am
> using the latest version of Codeweaver on SuSe 7.1 and a WIN98SE
> partition on the same drive. Thanks
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> Chuck Vinson
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> "Praedor Tempus" <praedor at> wrote in message
> news:q%fo7.6170$Hp3.553357 at
>> I would suggest you go back to 98 for now.  Windoze 2000 is still
>> rather new and it will require some time for wine to catch up to the
>> many subtle and pointless changes made to the dlls and such that M$
>> made to them.
>> I was having few problems with wine and 98 SE myself but then I
>> upgraded
> my
>> windoze to ME and poof!  No more worky.
>> Scott wrote:
>> > I had the latest wine running under winblows 98 SE for a week or two
> with
>> > no problems, then I installed winblows 2000 and now I cannot get wine
>> > to work. It is important for me to get it running again since I run
>> > United Devices cancer research agent ( 24/7 to
>> > help them find a cure
>> > for cancer.  Is wine compatible with Win2k, or will I need to
>> > re-install 98 again?
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>> > Interested in finding a cure for cancer?
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