Would like to set wine to use Tahoma as main font

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Sat Sep 15 17:27:46 CDT 2001

dids wrote:

> Hi, Im using Tahoma as my main font in kde2.2 looks great
> Can someone tell me exactly what I do to put it into my .wine/config file 
> to make it the main system font for wine.
> thanks
> dids

I don't know about the "main system font", but this makes it my default 
sans serif, and it does show up in apps:

"Resolution" = "96"
"Default" = "-adobe-times-"
"DefaultFixed" = "fixed"
"DefaultSerif" = "-monotype-times new roman-"
"DefaultSansSerif" = "-microsoft-tahoma-"

My real email is akamail.com at dclark (or something like that).

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