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Sun Sep 16 18:40:51 CDT 2001

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Raul Dias wrote:

> I should get shortly in you inbox.
> >>>
> >>>Comparing the trace for the older (working) Wine version with
> >>>the (failing) current version is often interesting, too.
> >>
> >>I didn't generate a second log because the first one already got
> >>too long.  If it still necessary, let me know.
> >
> >Look at where the trace differ and post this part.
> >
> >Posting traces requires more or less a basic understanding
> >of what the Win32 Api calls are doing when the problems
> >are not trivial, because the trace files are too big to post :
> >I get often 100 MB trace files or bigger. So the poster
> >needs some intuition to cut the interesting part.
> That's the problem.  My last log was too long.
> What lines can I possible cut out (grep -v) without damage it?
> x11drv? gdi32? user32? kernel32? ntdll?

I don't know about Gerard and Mike, but the reason I suggested +relay is
mainly to see the return values of the file and comm calls.  I don't
think I stand a chance of understanding this app unless I can see a
trace of it working, to compare with this one.  I would say

grep --context trace:

would be a reasonable filter, and make the trace log bzip2 down to an
almost manageable size.  If you are running short of hd space, you can
pipe the trace through grep, so:

wine --debugmsg +file,+comm,+relay whatever.exe \
2>&1|grep --context trace: >logfile

or even,

wine --debugmsg +file,+comm,+relay whatever.exe \
2>&1|grep --context trace: | bzip2 >logfile.bz2

This last might interfere with the app's timing, though, I think.

(backslash \ is just to continue the command on the next line, it's not
part of the command).
> >
> >Gerard
> Regards,
> Raul Dias
---cut here---

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