Using a native windows DLL in wine

Bill Medland medbi01 at
Mon Sep 17 11:16:29 CDT 2001

giorgian <giorgian at> wrote in article
<3BA61584.5080804 at>...
> Hi all.
> As said in the subject, we wonder whether is possible to use  some 
> native MS dlls (comctl32.dll, commctrl.dll)
> in a wine installation, for commercial purpose.
> And, if possible, what kind of restrictions are supposed to be
> I'm sure I'm not the first asking such a thing...
> Thx
I presume that you are asking about the legal side of things.  I would also
be interested in the answer to this but I doubt that we'll see much and we
should be careful with what we do get.

As has been pointed out in the documentation on MFC, we need to be careful
about which licenses we appeal to as they differ between versions and
service packs.

One problem that I cam across on this subject recently is the ability to
download.  One could argue that if the user can download the dlls from
Microsoft's site then the user could use them unless there was some
restriction.  However although the dlls can be downloaded as a package
required by an ocx control, I found no way to download the DLLs themselves.

Any other useful information?


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