> My HDD got /dev/hda1 which is DOS6.22+w3.11 > hda2 which

lawson_whitney at juno.com lawson_whitney at juno.com
Mon Sep 17 13:51:23 CDT 2001

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Jacek Boboli wrote:

> > My HDD got /dev/hda1 which is DOS6.22+w3.11
> >   hda2 which is w95B
> > hda3 which is linux native
> > hda4 which is linux swap
> >
> > How sd I enter the win references in my config file in order to be able
> > to run both w311 and w95 programs ?
> >
> > One out of the difficulties is that with the last LILO, You can start
> > whether w311 whether w95 without having to change manually the active
> > aprtition in DOS.
> > In fact w95 doesn t see w311 neither linux
> > w311 doesn t see w95 neither linux
> > linux sees both w311 and w95.
> >
> > I guess linux/wine will consider c:\ the last used (active partition of
> > the moment) and d:\ the other one. I guess then I should let c:\ as the

No.  Wine will consider as C:\ what the Wine Administrator tells it to
consider as C:\ if that is possible.  If not it will abort.  Neither
Wine nor linux give a stuff which partition is marked active.
If you want to use a whole partition for a Wine drive (you don't have
to, C:\ can be a subdirectory in an ext2 or any other filesystem linux
can mount), put its mount point as the "Path"=.  Just do a "df" and look
at the column "Mounted on"

> > one I most use (w311 in my case).
> >
> > Cd You advise me ?
> > Tks in advance,
> > J.Boboli
> > hussaile
> > hussaile at ant.pl


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