No Server Browsing in Half Life / CS / Return to Wolfenstein

Fu fu at
Mon Sep 17 18:05:41 CDT 2001

Do you have a firewall running?? If so, you will need to loosen your rules
to allow established and related connections for a range of unprivileged
ports. HL CS  makes connections all over the place so you'll need to
see what your firewall logs. 

In article <T36p7.6049$RS3.3651381 at>, "Dr. Doug"
<drdoug at> wrote:

> For some reason TCP/IP apps (Ultima Online, mIRC, etc.) work fine, but
> when I go to browse servers for Internet Games in Half Life /
> Counterstrike / etc.. can't get a server list, no error, just 0 servers.
> No, there are no filters on or anything and I hit update and refresh and
> still a no go; Yes, Everything works fine in Windows.  Any help would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Douglas Thigpen

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