X11 XVideo extension supported?

Daniel Nielsen djn at daimi.au.dk
Tue Sep 18 06:45:57 CDT 2001

I'd recommend looking at a native player for linux like xine or

mplayer: www.mplayerhq.hu
xine: xine.sourceforge.net

I know that mplayer supports a _LOT_ of output methods... (including

On 18/09/01 12.31, Bernhard Mogens Ege wrote:
> I was wondering if the XVideo extension is supported or not? In a
> clean wine setup, I installed DivX 4.01 and The Playa, also installed
> Windows Media Player 6.4. They can both display DivX 4.01 material
> with sound. This is simply great :-)
> However, the performance is not that great. Especially when going
> fullscreen the cpu is overburdened (slide show). I assume that the
> XVideo extension is not used yet?
> xdpyinfo says I have the XVideo extension and xvinfo says I have YUY2, 
> YV12, UYVY an dI420 image formats.
> Is support for the XVideo extension being worked on or is it already
> included (and I did not enable it)?
> regards,
> Bernhard Ege

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