Newbie question - running MSMONEY fails.

dave d.harbottle at
Tue Sep 18 07:47:46 CDT 2001


I've recently installed the latest version of WINE (from LinuxFormat
Mag), and I can run some app's (sol.exe, notepad etc).  However, when
I try to run 'larger' apps I run into problems.  Specifically I'm
trying to run MSMONEY 2001.

I cd to c:/program files/microsoft money/system
then run
wine --winver win98 msmoney.exe

and I get the following:
fixme:shell:SHRegGetUSValueW (0x702a2398), stub!
err:seh:UnhandledExceptionFilter no standard debugger defined in
registry => no debugging session...blah

What am I doing wrong?

Tnx in advance.

Dave in Macclesfield UK.

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