set_thread_buffer error

Peter peter_c60 at
Tue Sep 18 17:52:00 CDT 2001

> If you have any ext2 partitions lying around, try pointig WINEPREFIX
> there, or you can make a little one in a file, mount it on a loop
> device, and try that for WINEPREFIX.  In truth I have never tried
> using a loop device with umsdos, but it is easy enough...oops, mke2fs
> wants a device, it doesn't have an option to use a regular file.
> Make a file of an appropriate size with dd, use losetup to connect it to
> a loop device, make an ext2 filesystem on that loop device, mount it,
> and point WINEPREFIX there.  I'm guessing WINEPREFIX is where the
> problem file is, but I think it is a pretty fair guess.

Thanks for the help, but no luck I'm afraid. I tried what you said and 
it just gives the same error message. I'm going to try what Gerard 
suggested, and if you have any more ideas please reply back.

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