Dos programs under wine

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Wed Sep 19 05:08:46 CDT 2001

Marcus Roeckrath <marcus.roeckrath at> wrote:
: Hi,

: is there a way to execute dos programs in wine. I found a dosmod executable 
: in the wine binary rpm.

: I know that there is an dos emulator named dosemu but after updating to SuSE 
: 7.2 some dos programs (maybe programs using dpmi memory like DBase) crashes 
: with "segmentation fault". Before they had running fine in dosemu.

Try "wine <dos-programm.exe>" on a well configured system. Some programs
will run, but the focus has not yet been on graphic intensive programms.

While dosemu requires an underlying DOS (with the need for a license when MS
Dos is used) Wine also reimplements the DOS environment.
Dosemu had some big changes in the last time. It should work however.

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