Newbie question - running MSMONEY fails.

gerard patel g.patel at
Thu Sep 20 08:49:14 CDT 2001

On 20 Sep 2001 03:49:17 -0700, d.harbottle at (dave)

>I've had a good look through the documentation, run winecheck OK and
>I'm still confused.  Do I need to add all the MSMONEY specific dll's
>to my config file.

The only windows dll that you can add are generic
windows ones, that you can find on your box before
installing money.

>I now get a (windows) dialog box up saying something about 'an
>essential MSMONEY component is missing, reinstall from original CD".

Probably missing registry.
Or you have several hard disks and the Wine-defined disks
unit do not match what is in windows (for example you have
C and D under Windows and C and F under Wine), or 
(more probably) there are missing registry keys in your
Wine installation.

>Just to recap my problem.  I have a dual boot PC, windows/SuSE7.2
>MSMoney works fine on W98.

Check the app database to see if anyone has succeeded or
if it's a known no-go.

>I want to run MSMoney under WINE and don't know how to
>'install/configure' it correctly - I can run simple apps like

There are several ways - the one I use is to export
the app registry keys under Windows using regedit,
then import the file under Wine with regapi (tools/regapi)
If in doubt you can try to export the *whole* win
registry,  but I never tried this - I wonder about the
required loading time under Wine.

Another way is to use the 'native' registry read-only,
but I don't remember if Win98 registry is supported.
Check the Wine user guide on how to load the
'native' window registry.


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