set_thread_buffer error

Peter C peter_c60 at
Thu Sep 20 15:33:40 CDT 2001

lawson_whitney at wrote in message news:<20010919.144445.134636696.3.lawson_whitney at>...
> Peter, I think if you try my trick with an ext2 fs in a loop device,
> only this time mount it on /tmp instead of on an arbitrary mount point
> for WINEPREFIX to point to, it just might work.  You might annoy some
> apps that are using /tmp at the time... To avoid that you can set up
> the fs in a loop device, use losetup -d to detach it, change /etc/fstab
> to mount it on /tmp with the option loop, and reboot.  Of course you
> should always have a rescue capability handy any time you do something
> like that, but I admit I never bother.  If I screw up my main system I
> can always boot up my mighty 386 laptop and make a rescue floppy with
> it.

Alright! That did the trick. Everything's working now. Thanks to
everyone who helped me with this problem.

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