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Marcus Meissner marcus at
Fri Sep 21 01:31:17 CDT 2001

In article <3baa7c38.30259247 at>,
gerard patel <g.patel at> wrote:
>On Thu, 20 Sep 2001 23:13:11 +0200, eric pouech
><eric.pouech at> wrote:
>>> prototype:/home/cone# cat /dev/sndstat
>>> cat: /dev/sndstat: No such device
>>> prototype:/home/cone#
>>again, if you don't have proper sound card support at the Linux level,
>>won't help you here. so set up first your sound card under linux
>Kde knows how to play music on my Mdk 8
>computer, but cat /dev/sndstat returns the same

/proc/sound aka /dev/sndstat no longer exists in the 2.4 kernel.

Ciao, Marcus

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