Wine runing Diablo2 LoD fine, but no keyboard input

Holger Eichler holger.eichler at
Fri Sep 21 06:46:45 CDT 2001

> I think, this may be a kxkb-problem. Try to start Diablo within fvwm or so
> and when it works there, please give a full bugreport to

Thanks for your advise, but it's not KDE specific, because I allthough 
tried to run wine + D2 with fvwm, twm and even gnome, same thing there. 
With other applications, like just unpacking an executabel ZIP archive, it 
works fine, no problem to enter another Path for example. Before I wrote 
this message, I was reading other news in this group as there was a lot of 
problems installing an runing D2, but no one reported of a none-working 
keyboard. So what is wrong about my Configuration? By the way, I am using 
XFree86 4.0.1, Kernel 2.4.7 and wine-20010824 (allthough tried 
codeweavers-wine-20010626 and SuSE 7.2 RPM) with all variation of the 

mfg Holger Eichler

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