xilinx under wine; problems by installation

Duane Clark junkmail at junkmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:35:59 CDT 2001

Thomas Zipper wrote:

> Hi all,
> I`m a newbie and I need any help!!
> I want to istall xilinx under win and after the command /wine setup.exe 
> /Iget the following message:

I can't help with the error messages. But my suggestion for getting 
Xilinx to run under wine is, assuming you have a dual boot system 
(almost required if running EDA tools), boot into Windoze and do the 
install there. You will need the Windows installation if you intend to 
run any of the licensed tools, such as FPGA Express, since they use VXDs 
that do not work in Wine.

I also have received reports of problems with using the latest 3.3i sp8 
tools under Wine in conjunction with a WinNT installation. They work 
fine with Win98. Other installations, including a Windoze free Wine 
installation, I know nothing about.

My real email is akamail.com at dclark (or something like that).

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