MS Encarta?

David Jones gnome at
Fri Sep 21 15:56:29 CDT 2001

I have Encyclopaedia Brittanica here. The older versions 
might work. The newer/current versions probably won't - 
they require Internet Explorer and use a lot of ActiveX 
plugins that might have problems with WINE. Also, the 
newer versions are getting more interactive and 
multimedia centered, and (IHMO) reducing the content in 
favor of pushing you to their web site where they can 
try to get more money out of you ... 

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On 21 Sep 01 at 3:01, Skylar Thompson wrote:

> On 20 Sep 2001 23:22:46 GMT, Robert Broughton
> <rbronews at> wrote:
> >I definitely want to have some sort of encyclopedia program to run
> >on my computer. Is there one that is known to work well with wine?
> Have you tried Encyclopædia Britannica? I'm not sure if
> it works, but it does its best to separate the text and
> the graphics, which might help wine. You might also try
> Win4Lin or VMWare to run them.
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