mouse lag and slow connections

Fu fu at
Fri Sep 21 22:26:13 CDT 2001

RedHat 7.1 w/ Ximian Gnome
Kernel 2.4.9

When I'm playing HL CS 1.3 with Wine-20010822 from the rpm, the mouse
movement is choppy enough to frustrate you when you're playing a first
person shooter. I want to say that when I installed it earlier this year
it didn't have this problem but I'm not sure.  Of course, when I play in
Win2K, this doesn't occur.

The other thing that can be irritating is when I connect to a internet
game sometimes wine will do this extremely slowly (a lot of empbasis on
extremely) to the point that all the messages i receive displaying the
status of the connection are at least 5 minutes old.

Are there any suggestions to remedy these problems??


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