Wine-20010824 problems with wineinstall and loading windows DLL's

gerard patel g.patel at
Sat Sep 22 19:00:09 CDT 2001

On Fri, 21 Sep 2001 20:31:27 GMT, Robin Roevens
<Robin.Roevens at> wrote:

>complete fstab:
>full output of wineconf without any arguments:
>[Drive C]
>"Path" = "/dos"
>"Type" = "hd"
>"Filesystem" = "vfat"
>[Drive D]
>"Path" = "/windows"
>"Type" = "hd"
>"Filesystem" = "vfat"
>ERROR: No win.ini found in DOS partitions

Well, the question is now : is there a win.ini in
/windows/windows ?

>I did this with RealPlayer and I get this output concerning the dll wine 
>doesn't want to find (pncrt.dll):

<snip pncrt problem and similar problem for cw3220.dll>
>trace:module:map_image mapping section .idata at 0x509000 off 38800 size 
>1000 flags c0000040
>err:module:map_image Could not map section .idata, file probably truncated
>warn:module:MODULE_LoadLibraryExA Failed to load module 
>'E:\run\cw3230.dll'; error=0x000000c1,
>err:module:PE_fixup_imports Module (file) cw3230.DLL needed by 
>E:\run\itt.exe not found

this is baffling for me too. It has nothing to do with finding the
file, of course.

Wine is trying to read at the offset 231421 for 4096 bytes - I think
that cw3230.dll should be bigger than that.. Hmm the one I have on
my computer is 229000 bytes. Strange. Maybe your version of 
cw3220.dll is more recent hence bigger.
All I can say is that my cw3220.dll is loading fine under current

If this is a regression it could be possible to find the exact date -
see documentation/cvs-regression.

But this could be also a change in the system as you certainly 
were not running Slack 8.0 3 years ago.
I suspect that it could be a system bug or something strange that
you are running in your system -  I still remember this guy who
had patched his kernel and forgotten this small detail in his
post here :-)

Or you can try a strace to find the exact system call that is


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