Wine and expanded memory

Algis Rudys arudys at
Sat Sep 22 21:44:40 CDT 2001

Greetings --

I have a DOS .exe file that I would like to run in Wine (the underlying
Windows is Win2K); it gives the error "Needs 1024K of expanded memory."
I have a PIF file which supposedly sets up this memory environment, but
.PIF files cannot be loaded by Wine. 

Possible solutions: 
* Make wine make the .exe think there is 1024K of expanded memory. 
* Make wine run the .pif file using something like WinExec, thereby
* Use some magic incantation of Windows rundll32 to load window's PIF
parser and do all the work of setting up the memory. 

Any thoughts on how to do any of these, preferably the one that works. 

Algis R.

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