DSound, Wave, MM, HL, CS, OSS.. ??????

Marcus Meissner marcus at jet.franken.de
Sun Sep 23 11:02:21 CDT 2001

In article <1001086071.441.10.camel at prototype>,
Moritz Angermann  <wine-users at winehq.com> wrote:
>yea, well i loged it ... but that did you give me a 56MB huge file ..
>and no direct hints... 
>only the one i did allready past :
>{279afa86-4981-11ce-a521-0020af0be560}: I know about this GUID, but
>don't support it yet
>HL tells me : can'T open wave input ... 
>so the programm shiped with HL since HL supportes VoiceChat is
>voice_tweak ...
>- i attached it ... please try if you can get it to work ... i do
>allways get : "couldn't find mic volume."
>---------- if there are missed files, mail me... i don't know if these
>are all files .. i'll mail the missing files ...
>I did also atache my wine-config file ...

In dll/dsound/dsound_main.c change:

    /* #define USE_DSOUND3D 1 */
    #define USE_DSOUND3D 1

Ciao, Marcus

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